Logitech G Gaming Zone

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Logitech G has always had a great presence in the Benelux retail landscape, but this year we’re helping them to push it to another level! Logitech G and Ziva Events developed and created a Gaming Zone in MediaMarkt Rotterdam Centrum. It was our duty to shape and elevate the launch event in order to engage as much (potential) shoppers and Logitech G fans as possible.
Before the event, we designed and produced advertising videos and images to kickstart the pre-launch communication, and used these to spread the word on the opening of the Logitech G Gaming Zone. Furthermore, we collaborated with famous YouTubers (Ronald, OMGitsTiesto, Wilbert, and ThomasTheSapling) in order to get even more people excited for the launch event. At the event, we had boots on the ground to manage all sorts of things related to the event, to coordinate the influencers, and to help the camera crew shoot the aftermovie.
With over 500 people attending and many hundreds of thousands of online impressions, it was a big success!

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