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Blue Yeti X launch

Vertigo 6 - Marketing & PR / Blue Yeti X launch

Blue Yeti X launch

Blue launched their brand-new Microphone, the Yeti X last December in the Netherlands. This is a USB microphone has the best audio quality which makes it perfect for content creators, streamers and podcasting. The objective was to build new relationships and engage with lifestyle and gaming influencers to promote the Blue Yeti X in an authentic way. We’ve used paid influencer deals for highly impactful content to create awareness within the target audiences and used product sampling in order to build a relationship with influencers who were likely to use the new microphone. We’ve looked for influencers who are a fan of Blue, who made content which fits the brand or needed a microphone to make sure we reached the right target audiences and forge new relationships. This resulted in awesome paid and earned influencer content which variated from Christmas music videos, game streams and ASRM videos amongst micro and macro influencers such as: Bokado, Yvar de Groot, Julia van Bergen, Sabrina Putri, Lekker Spelen, Marnickur, Mathia, Xsyoss, NandoNVO and more.

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Gen Z marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media


February 19, 2020