FIFA 22  Robin van Persie icon introduction 

Football players from all major leagues are present in the ‘world’s game’ FIFA 22. However very few make it into the game after their active career. That honor is reserved for the absolute legends of the game, true ICONS. So when a new icon is introduced it’s a big moment.

This year the flying Dutchman Robin van Persie, or RvP, was introduced as a new icon. A world class player renowned all over the world and hero of Rotterdam. To celebrate his debut as an icon popular YouTuber and big RvP fan Qucee surprised Robin with his own branded tram.

While commuters will no doubt share images of the RvP tram, we wanted to generate extra exposure by partnering with 433. The biggest football platform in the Benelux created several stories, reels and videos that were shared by the official channels of 433, Feyenoord, RvP, Qucee and picked up by several media outlets. Generating millions of impressions.

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