Plaion – Let’s Sing 2021 

With the release of Let’s Sing 2021, Koch Media and developer Ravenscourt brought much joy into lots of living rooms. The brand new instalment in the popular karaoke series enables players of all ages to sing along with their favourite hits in many different game modes. Do you want to sing along with Billie Eilish’ bad guy? No problem. How about a classic one, like Kiss from a Rose by Seal? It’s all in there.

To boost the release of the game and to reach our primary target audience, we worked together with Bokado on a platform that is a perfect match with a singing game in the first place: TikTok. Bo sang several songs, wearing multiple themed outfits and ended her video with a short ‘out now’ message, describing availability and platforms the game can be played on. The clip has been viewed more than 230.000 times and we’ve noted a lot of engagement.

To reach our secondary audience, family gamers, we connected with lots of blogs and websites that are targeting parents. Website editors and bloggers checked out the game with their kids and thanks to the Let’s Sing Microphone App, everyone in the room has been able to join the game without being in need of more physical USB microphones to play the game together. Sending out review copies to selected contacts resulted in a great amount of more than 30 reviews.

On top of that, we decided to run an advertisement campaign on Instagram slightly before gifting season in The Netherlands, Flanders and Wallonia. All together, the number of impressions even went above 1.3 million. The ‘out now’ message was combined with a link to be able to purchase the game and we’re proud to tell thousands of people have clicked on it.

View Bokado's video on TikTok ✲ View Bokado's video on TikTok ✲ View Bokado's video on TikTok ✲ View Bokado's video on TikTok ✲ View Bokado's video on TikTok ✲


Plaion / Koch Media