ASUS x HAEVN – Built for Brilliance

ASUS x HAEVN: Built for Brilliance

ASUS asked Vertigo 6 to come up with a big campaign idea to execute during the fourth quarter of 2020 to create awareness for ASUS’s new ZenBook line-up. The result? Vertigo 6 proposed a unique collaboration between musical duo HAEVN and their creative partners Rui Reis Maia and Bram van Alphen to define ASUS’s latest tagline ‘Built for Brilliance’ in a practical way. Important requirements of ASUS were that the influencers should have a match with the products and strengthen the high end brand.

The Built for Brilliance campaign showed that ASUS’s high end ZenBooks, a range of powerful, stylish and versatile notebooks, are able to facilitate brilliant content creators and creative professionals with all the tools they need to fully unleash their talents and creativity. During this campaign, the versatility of ASUS’s ZenBooks has been demonstrated through three different perspectives, provided by creative professionals who were working together to build something brilliant: the music video for HAEVN’s new track Throw Me A Line. Because of that, the collaboration feels very natural, as HAEVN and ASUS both were able to achieve their goals by working together.

Before releasing the video and the song, three different behind the scenes videos were shot to provide viewers a special first look at the end result. In these ‘sneak peeks’, viewers learned how professional photographer Rui Reis Maia uses the ZenBook Pro Duo to edit his photos of his shoot with HAEVN and they discovered how director Bram van Alphen uses his ZenBook Flip during the video shoot. Each video offers inspiration and insights, provided by professionals, created for (future) professionals. To maximise reach, all sneak peek videos have been shared on related Instagram channels of every creative that was involved.

We’ve used these deliverables and the teaser of the music video (which can be considered as a short compilation of all three individual videos) as ads on social media to create awareness on how creative professionals are working on brilliant content and to show potential customers what they could be creating themselves too with the end result, the music video of HAEVN’s new single Throw Me A Line.


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