Amazfit PR

Early 2022, Amazfit approached us to work together on amplifying their entrance in the Benelux market. Also, on the longer term, they wanted us to help on gaining product and brand awareness.

Amazfit is a global brand that sells affordable smartwatches, which excel in accurate health monitoring and precise geotracking, combined with sleek designs and a battery that lasts very, very long. We sent out several press releases to boost different news beats:

1. Amazfit and Vertigo 6 collab announcement. This press release included ‘out now’ messaging for the GTR 3 and GTS 3 smartwatch as well.
2. ‘Out now’ press release for the outdoor focused T-REX 2 smartwatch model
3. ’Out now’ press release for the GTS 4, GTR 4 and GTS 4 Mini models

Aside from sending out press releases, we used a targeted approach for our smartwatch samples. For example: the T-Rex 2 smartwatch is developed for lovers of outdoor sports and trips, so we reached out to outlets that write about this way of living. Besides, the GTS and GTR-models are more lifestyle related and both ended up in gifting guides, were sent to bloggers and got reviewed by JFK. This resulted in more than 25 reviews, predominantly written with (very) positive results. Each type of smartwatch is designed for different types of users, and we carefully kept that in mind when sending out the smartwatches for results to be as good as possible.