Logitech G – Happy New Gear

With the Logitech G’s Happy New Gear campaign gamers can once again score their new gaming gear at great discounts, to have a start ahead in the new year! To close-off 2020 together as a community, there was an extra big motivator to come up with a unique concept with and for the gaming community this year.

Goal: win the hearts of gamers and generate extra sales during holidays.

Introducing: G-man! G-man is a superhero that believes Logitech G is the answer to everything. The words that G-Man uses are tailored to gaming communities and their language (and memes). G-man was co-created by teaming up with Twitch gaming streamers egbertlive and Daniël Lippens. As soon as we teamed up it it became apparent that they would produce their very own track and music video called Happy New Gear.

The full track and music video were released on YouTube and Spotify, with a live reveal on Twitch. Furthermore, several short cuts were made focussing on the promotion at retailers with a cool voice-over from G-man himself! These short cuts were pushed on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch, driving traffic to the retailers.

Results: We realised almost 200.000 organic views, millions of paid views, got thousands of likes and positive comments from the community and even received a bunch of fan art!

Awards: Winner SAN Best Smart Idea campaign 2021