Logitech is the expert in creativity and productivity solutions regarding workspaces anywhere, wherever you are. The M350 mouse and K380 keyboard focus on people wanting to be able to work from anywhere, and at the same time give a personal touch to this workspace. To introduce these new products focused on lifestyle we needed new channels to advertise the product (next to lifestyle influencer seeding). Thus, we went with Pinterest and Reddit! Pinterest was the perfect choice since this line of products focuses on the creative souls interested in things as interior design, beauty and lifestyle. Reddit was added because of the perfect ability to target popular subreddits for Gen Y and Gen Z, regarding things as interior design, beauty and lifestyle.

This resulted in great reach within the target audience, being Gen Y and Gen Z, interested in interior design, beauty, other aspects of creativity and lifestyle. Reddit was great in delivering a lot of impressions in the selected subreddits at low costs, while Pinterest proved especially great to reach the creative people in Gen Y and Gen Z, and get them to want more info on the product and visit Logitech.com.