Space Punks: Early Access on PC on July 14th exclusively in Epic Games Store

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Cambridge, UK – Thursday, July 8th 2021, 4pm BST – Leading British video game publisher Jagex, developer of the iconic living game RuneScape franchise, today announced the forthcoming Early Access launch of its new free-to-play action title Space Punks, which will arrive exclusively on the Epic Games Store on July 14th 2021. Developed by Polish studio Flying Wild Hog, best known for its critically acclaimed Shadow Warrior series, Space Punks will be the first title to be released under Jagex’s third-party publishing programme, Jagex Partners.

Space Punks, developed by Flying Wild Hog’s Cracow Studio, is a top-down isometric action role-playing game (ARPG). Featuring crazy, over-the-top action in a unique, irreverent sci-fi setting, players blast their way to fame, glory and wealth by taking on lucrative contracts on far-flung planets against impossible odds. Designed to be a living, breathing, and ever-changing game world, Space Punks will grow and evolve through Early Access, Open Beta and beyond.

Phil Mansell, CEO of Jagex said: “We’re incredibly excited to unveil Space Punks – a game that we can’t wait to bring to market exclusively on Epic Games Store as the first of the games published by Jagex Partners, our third-party publishing division. Space Punks perfectly embodies our living games philosophy by providing players with a deep, social and ever-evolving multiplayer experience. We very much look forward to using the skills and experience in building huge communities gained over 20 years of developing the RuneScape franchise to support Space Punks and future games to come under the Jagex Partners umbrella.”

Michał Szustak, CEO and co-founder of Flying Wild Hog, said: “We’ve been making explosive, fast-paced action games for more than 12 years. It’s part of our DNA. With Space Punks, we continue that tradition of ours, and we are delighted to announce this new addition to our portfolio of explosive games. We are proud of what our Cracow team cooked up – a delectable mix of over-the-top sci-fi action-RPG that’s wrapped in self-aware humor.” 

“We’re very happy to be working with the highly experienced team at Jagex Partners and with Epic Games Store to bring Space Punks to gamers worldwide. We cannot wait for them to try and play it for themselves.”

Gameplay will satisfy not only die-hard fans of the dungeon crawler / looter-shooter genre, but also players from all around the game world. In true Action-RPG style, there will of course also be extensive skill trees that allow for different character builds as characters gain experience, in addition to tons of loot and equipment to help them on their adventures.

Michał Kuk, Head of Crakow Studio for Flying Wild Hog and Space Punks Game Director, added: “Space Punks combines a colourful comic book vibe and an irreverent, humorous atmosphere with a surreal touch. We wanted to create something new, something fresh and something explosive! We felt that there was a real lack of games like Space Punks. One of our key strengths as a studio is our experience in action games. We know and love smooth melee combat and fast-paced shooters, so we took that knowledge and put it into a top-down perspective – with a focus on multiplayer and a dash of humour.”

“What we’re most looking forward to is gathering all the valuable player feedback from Early Access so we can shape Space Punks into a true living game for when it enters Open Beta for PC in the winter and consoles next year.”

Key features of Space Punks

  • Endless Arsenal: Guns, grenades, gadgets and gizmos. Whatever weapon you’re looking for, this galaxy’s got it, and they’re all designed for one thing: instant gratification
  • Limitless Power: If there’s one thing you want in this universe, it’s MORE. It’s all about the space Benjamins. Get stuff. Get famous. And get more powerful with every run
  • Not Heroes: Misfits. Pirates. Scoundrels. Just don’t call them heroes. They might have hearts of gold but they’d happily pawn them for gun money
  • Share the Glory: Sure, you’ll need to split your plunder, but nothing beats the shared satisfaction of a successful run with your closest friends in the galaxy
  • Brilliant Galaxy: It’s a weird and wonderful universe full of weird and not-so-wonderful things… all ready and waiting to kill you. Better kill them first

Space Punks will be in Early Access on the Epic Games Store for PC July 14th, with Open Beta in winter, and console release in 2022. Players can get into the game during Early Access through registering their interest in receiving a free key, or by purchasing a Founders Pack at the Epic Games Store here. A Founders Pack guarantees a place in Early Access, and they come in two varieties:

  • Swag Pack: The basic pack for any budding misfit provides guaranteed Early Access and unlocks all four main characters. It also features a Season 1 Battle Pass for Open Beta and exclusive backgrounds, four emotes, the Epic Cape and Epic Dash effect. Price: $29.99 / €23.99 / £21.99
  • Splendor Pack: The ultimate starter kit for only the hardcore scoundrel features everything in the Swag Pack as well as other additional benefits – four Epic Character Skins, Epic Player Entrance and more. Price: $49.99 / €39.99 / £34.99

Players around the world can see the launch trailer here, and can Pre-Purchase to get into Early Access on the Epic Games Store here.

Jagex Partners is working closely with Flying Wild Hog to deliver live game publishing and operational services tailored specifically to their needs – including user acquisition, digital marketing, analytic and audience insight systems, monetisation design, billing systems, customer support and community leadership.

Early Access launch on PC in July to be followed by Open Beta in winter and console release in 2022.

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