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Let’s Sing 2019 – Influencer campaign & Social Media campaign

Vertigo 6 - Marketing & PR / Let’s Sing 2019 – Influencer campaign & Social Media campaign

Let’s Sing 2019 – Influencer campaign & Social Media campaign

For the release of Let’s Sing 2019, Koch Media asked us to create more awareness through both influencer marketing and online marketing. For the online marketing part, we created two individual campaigns on YouTube and Instagram. For the second part, we partnered up with a Dutch influencer.

We chose to collaborate with a popular Dutch YouTuber called ‘Bokado’ who got big from doing music clips on Musical.ly (TikTok), but now has a big YouTube presence and social following. We asked her to make some social posts about the new Let’s Sing game on Instagram. She did one dedicated multi-photo post on her Instagram channel and made a couple of stories for her followers to see.

Just Sing 2019 turned out to be a perfect fit for Bokado with her Instagram posts eventually reaching thousands of fans and hundreds of people leaving a comment.


Ravenscourt, Koch Media


Koch Media Benelux


Gen Z marketing, Influencer Marketing, PR, Social Media


November 28, 2018