Why You Should Use Twitch As Your Advertising Platform in 2020

Long gone are the days when digital marketing involved running ads every time your competitor ran ads. At present, the best marketers try to look for niches and capitalise before anybody else does. When marketing to an audience, it is paramount that you first find them.

As a marketer, you may have a favourite or preferred platform that has worked for you in the past, or even feel more comfortable with standards or language. However, as technology continues to advance, you will find that the places where you target audience spends the most time changes as well. Currently, with more than 15 million daily active users (as per January 2020), Twitch is that place. The total of unique users in the Benelux are: Netherlands: 1.3m, Belgium: 750k, Luxembourg: 60k (as per January 2020)

What Is Twitch?

Many times when we do guest lectures, most marketeers in the room never heard of Twitch. Twitch is a video streaming platform owned by Amazon and is primarily used by gamers who stream themselves while playing games. It allows anyone with a video game console, computer or a phone to stream live videos of themselves for audiences to watch. While Twitch in the early days solely focused on gaming content, it has since expanded the type of content watched and streamed on the platform.

Currently, you can watch Twitch streamers do anything including the following:

  • Podcasting
  • Camping
  • Painting
  • Cooking
  • Reviewing products
  • Life hacks
  • Tutorials
  • And many, many more

And there’s much more to come. The National Women’s Hockey League has signed a three-year exclusive live-streaming partnership with Twitch last year and even the NFL and NBA have deals in place with Twitch! When you come across content that you like on Twitch, you can follow the streamers handle to receive updates whenever they go live. Twitch is best known for bringing up mega stars such as Ninja who streams to tens of thousands of viewers every day (on Microsoft’s competing platform “Mixer”, currently) and is also receiving a lot of attention from media outlets and national publications. With that in mind, here are some of the reasons why you should use Twitch as your marketing platform in 2020.

  1. Real-time interaction

One advantage that comes with advertising your brand or product on Twitch is that it offers real-time interaction. By offering a real-time chat during the stream, this platform encourages a clear-cut intimacy between the viewer and streamer. The ability to combine personal connection with live discussion gives the viewer an incredible experience that is both interactive and engaging.

  1. Has a sharing culture

Twitch is made up of a community of streamers who not only entertain but also relentlessly share their content. When it comes to live streams, people who are willing to put most if not all parts of their lives out there are most likely to share pointers to that content. Twitch works in the same way thus making it a great marketing tool because the platform is a large part of both the streamers and viewers’ digital lives.

  1. It has the numbers

Being one of the more specialised social networks, Twitch has over 15 million daily active users, 55% of which are aged between the ages of 18 and 34. The platform supports content creators from all over the world thus attracting all kinds of audiences. Additionally, Twitch is growing into a powerful platform for advertising because ads are fully integrated, unskippable and cannot be ad blocked.

If executed well, advertising on Twitch may be one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness this year.

If you want to know on how to make this happen, Contact us! 2020 is the year to advertise on Twitch.

Some key stats: Twitch usage in The Netherlands and Belgium 
Total amount Twitch (unique) users in The Netherlands & Belgium (January 2020. Source: Amazon)
– Netherlands: 1.3m
– Belgium: 750k

Total # of daily active Twitch users in the Netherlands & Belgium (January 2020. Source: Amazon)
– Netherlands: 226k
– Belgium: 145k

Total amount of monthly active Twitch users in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg: 2.11mm

Bonus: here’s an overview of most-followed Twitch streamers in the Netherlands as of November 2019