For the First Time Ever in the Franchise, Players Will Be Able Participate in the Creation Process

April 3, 2017 – Stuff Pack dreams are about to come true for fans of The Sims™ 4. Maxis announced an exciting new partnership between The Sims 4 players and the Maxis Development Team where, for the first time ever in The Sims, players will help create an all-new Stuff Pack. Starting today, players can participate in the first round of voting to help select an overall theme for the new pack.

By voting on The Sims blog, Sims community members will help guide the pack through each of the critical stages of development. Maxis will be asking players the same questions they ask themselves during the process. While development at Maxis has always been collaborative and influenced by community feedback, the development of the new Stuff Pack will be transparent in a brand new way. Players will have the chance to be included in choosing the specific features through numerous rounds of voting, and participating in a new dedicated section of The Sims forums, while gaining insight into the meetings that take place during development.

The full scheduling for Community Voting includes:

  • Theme Vote (April 3rd – April 6th): Select the overall theme for the pack. Every part of the pack will be influenced by this key decision.
  • Art Style Vote (April 10th – April 12th): Players will select between proposed art styles for the pack, which will guide Maxis concept artists in the objects and clothing they create.
  • Objects & Clothing Vote (May 18th – May 21st): Fans can browse through the concept art developers have drawn for the pack, and select their top choices to help determine which objects and pieces of clothing are included.
  • Feature Vote (June 23rd – June 26th): Players get to select the top gameplay feature(s) they want to have included in the pack.
  • Pack Icon Vote (Fall): Players can peruse different icons and help select the one that will appear in the pack’s box art and within the in-game catalog.
  • Pack Title Vote (Fall): Fans will help select a title that best summarizes the pack’s atmosphere and content.

Find out more, vote, and stay tuned for additional information on The Sims blog. Check out The Sims on Twitter and Instagram, like The Sims on Facebook, and subscribe to the YouTube channel.

The Sims 4 is available now on Origin for PC and Mac.

By submitting feedback or material, you expressly grant EA all rights necessary to enable EA to use the feedback or material in any form and for any purpose without attribution, notice, or compensation to you. While your votes will help us determine what we may include in this stuff pack, EA will make the final decision. This pack will be offered for a separate fee standard to our prior stuff pack launches.