RuneScape Developers Explain the New Enrage System for the Upcoming Zamorak Boss Battle, Introducing “Unlimited Difficulty”

Check out the Legacy of Zamorak content reveal video below

Friday, 24 June 2022, Cambridge, UK – Ahead of the launch of the massive new dungeon and boss battle, Legacy of Zamorak: Lord of Chaos, Jagex have released a roadmap explainer video detailing the next six months of RuneScape releases introducing three big content beats in the new storyline:  The Lord of Chaos boss battle, Daughter of Chaos Quest, and the graphics and gameplay updates in the Wilderness.

For further details on all the below, make sure to tune into the Legacy of Zamorak Deep Dive livestream this Saturday, 25 June at 3:50pm BST.

Zamorak, the Lord of Chaos in a brand-new dungeon and boss battle launching Monday, 4 July. Gielinor’s bravest adventurers will delve through a dungeon filled with cultists, demons, and fearsome mini bosses before facing and banishing Zamorak. The dynamic design system will challenge players of all skill levels and provide scalable rewards and outcomes.

The video teases the next six months of content that will unfold across the Legacy of Zamorak storyline. Including the highly anticipated rework of RuneScape’s infamous PvP zone in Wilderness Reborn which will overhaul the entire region with an emphasis on Player versus Monster gameplay.

RuneScape is available now on PC, Steam, iOS, and Android, complete with cross-platform progression and play on PC and mobile.