RuneScape brings a Jurassic spark to the MMO with ‘The Land Out of Time’

The brand-new landmass featuring dinosaurs, carnivorous plants, and further secrets from Gielinor’s distant past, is set to arrive in July.

Wednesday 22nd May 2019, Cambridge, UK – The roars of creatures long dead are set to sound in RuneScape in July with the arrival of a brand-new landmass – and dinosaurs – to its world of Gielinor, Jagex today announced in a teaser trailer available at Pulled from the ancient past by the recently revealed antagonist Kerapac, the new environment of Anachronia – The Land Out of Time – sees players arrive on the dino-inhabited island to try and track the dragonkin as he continues working on his mysterious and nefarious plan.

Available for RuneScape members, the island’s ancient shores and deadly jungles will be accessible to new, current and returning players alike. Adventurers looking to follow the storyline over future updates require just three skills (Mining, Smithing, and Divination) to be level 50 or above, along with the completion of two quests: The Needle Skips and You Are It.

Promising a host of new and exciting places to explore, along with new skilling activities, more information about The Land Out of Time will be released throughout June towards launch.

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