All new trailer for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond

Today, Respawn Entertainment revealed an all new trailer for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, shining a spotlight on the game’s “Gallery,” an interview series with real-world veterans from World War II which help set the context for the time and moment in the war as players progress in the single player campaign. The iconic Gallery feature established in the original Medal of Honor was created to honor real-world heroes and their stories and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond leverages innovative VR technology to showcase these powerful moments of WWII in an all-new immersive experience.

You can check out and share the all new Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Gallery trailer here.

Respawn is bringing Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond back to the franchise’s roots and the Gallery will further immerse players in authentic and period-accurate details while shedding light on history of the war in a revolutionary interactive entertainment experience. The Gallery features moving interviews, stories recounted by veterans on the spot they stood in Europe 75+ years ago and immersive 360° VR footage of pivotal locations from throughout WWII. 

The Gallery’s engaging and powerful collection of short documentary films directed by Anthony Giacchino featuring WWII veterans that players will be able to view within the game. COLETTE, a cinematic short film about a French resistance fighter which was created for the game, was recently available in a limited virtual theatrical release and won the Best Short Documentary at the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival earlier this year.

Each of these powerful moments were captured using state-of-the-art technology to preserve their stories for future generations.

For more information on the development of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond’s gallery experience, check out the official blog post which details the vision of the game’s Gallery as well as the Location Scouting blog post which details revisiting some of the most impactful theaters of WWII.