Logitech – ERGO campaign

Logitech is the expert in providing the tools to: Work Better, Work Healthier and Work Remote! These payoffs refer to some of the different categories of solutions which Logitech provide. Work Better for instance refers to some of the top of the line products of the MX Family, with some of the well known favourites like the MX Master 3 mouse and MX Keys keyboard. Work Healthier refers to the ERGO line, which features products like the ergonomic split keyboard K860 and the MX Vertical mouse which help people to keep a better posture and maximale comfortability. Work Remote finally helps you with products to work wherever you are, thinking of for instance tablet solutions. To communicate these solutions we turned to LinkedIn, to reach both employers as well as employees.

This resulted in reaching over 300,000 people right within the target audience on LinkedIn, delivering great balanced results between impressions to make people more aware of the Logitech solutions, as well as link clicks to Logitech.com to give people more in-depth info about the different solutions available for them.

Check the ERGO products ???? Check the ERGO products ???? Check the ERGO products ???? Check the ERGO products ???? Check the ERGO products ????