Independent Films – De Tatta’s

De Tatta’s is a Dutch comedy starring Leo Alkema, Leonie ter Braak, Sterre Koning and Sem van der Horst. The movie is about a wealthy family who ends up in a small apartment in the suburbs because of bad investment decisions by dad, and thus has to integrate in their new multicultural neighborhood which brings its fair funny moments.

Independent Films asked us to help them promote the movie through an online campaign focused on addressing Gen Z and Dutch comedy lovers. With an integrated mix of online advertising on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok we managed to hit the sweet spot in reaching the target audience really well. This effective campaign generated over 15.8 million impressions and a lot of really positive and fun engagement on the Social platforms.

Within a week, De Tatta’s attracted 100.000 visitors and was thus awarded with a ‘Gouden Film Award’. After a month already 500.000 visitors went to the cinemas to see this movie and thus De Tatta’s was awarded the ‘Platina’ status!


Independent Films