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Google awarded the mobile app “Ablo” number 1 best app of 2019. We were delighted that they chose Vertigo 6 as their Dutch influencer agency for Ablo.

Ablo had over 5 million downloads but asked us to pump those numbers up in Benelux by increasing awareness with young women. To achieve this, we decided to set up a campaign, invigorated by collaborations with Melanie Latooy, CoWithTheFlow and trending reality star Maxime Meiland.

Ablo enables users to connect with other people all over the world without leaving home. After signing up and clicking the globe icon, Ablo will randomly connect you with someone else for a 1-to-1 chat conversation. The twist though, is that Ablo instantly translates the chat messages to your own language.

Due to the lockdown measures, stewardess and YouTube vlogger CoWithTheFlow was with two feet on the ground for some time and couldn’t do what she loves most, meet interesting new people. With Ablo she was able to fly to distant countries and make some new friends without leaving her home! Powerwoman Melanie Latooy also tried Ablo and got connected with someone from Chile, the same country as her boyfriend. They had some fun talk and posted some sweet stories about it. And to top it off we collaborated with Maxime Meiland. Maxime posted her Ablo experience from the infamous Chateau Meiland!

The campaign results were above expectations and Ablo has already been downloaded more than 10 million times!

Got excited? Try Ablo now! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=live.ablo&hl=nl

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