PAC-MAN becomes art through a special collaboration with renowned sculptor & artist Richard Orlinski

For PAC-MAN 37th anniversary, Neamedia unveils a beautiful series of sculpture designed by Richard Orlinski with support and license from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe. The project can be found here on Kickstarter

When Toru Iwatani, creator of PAC-MAN one day had pizza for lunch. He took one piece from the whole pizza, and there it was. A circle with an open mouth.

The best ideas often come from the simplest life experiences. Mr. Iwatani, today a professor at Tokyo Polytechnic University in Tokyo, Japan didn’t know he would leave such a mark in the video game industry when he was eating his pizza. Yet, 37 years later, PAC-MAN is still one of the most archetypal characters in gaming. As well as changing the face of arcade games back in 1980, Namco also managed to create an icon in popular culture.

The collection will be available in 3 versions. A yellow 25cm / 10-inch version, a golden chromed version of the same size and an exclusive 1 meter / 40-inch version limited to 37 units. Added to that, different stretch goals will unlock special rewards such as a PAC-MAN metal figure, artwork of the original PAC-MAN sketches and a limited edition art book.

Mr. Orlinski brought his contemporary approach to create an awe-inspiring collector edition series of sculptures.

Richard Orlinski, sculptor & artist says: “When I was contacted about the Pac-Man project, I found the idea absolutely amazing. It completely fits in my universe, because I try to develop Pop-Art, which speaks to the largest number of people.” “It was challenging to keep Pac-Man’s identity while bringing something new and modern”.

The Kickstarter campaign ( starts today May 22nd 2017 and runs through to June 20th 2017. PAC-MAN sculptures will be available for early bird backers for the price of 100€ for the 25cm / 10-inch version and 300€ for the deluxe version, 25cm / 10-inch Gold Chromed version. The anniversary edition will be limited to 37 pieces worldwide. Backers will receive their first sculptures on by the end of 2017

PAC-MAN statues specifications

*Price for early bird backers: 100€
*Regular price: 125€
*Size: 25*25*20 cm / 10*10*8 inch
*Materials: resin / glossy finish
*Numbered, early bird price limited to the first 250 backers 

-Limited Gold Chrome
*Price for early bird backers: 300€
*Regular price: 350€
*Size: 25*25*20 cm / 10*10*8 inch
*Materials: resin / glossy finish / gold chromed
*Numbered, signed certificate and limited (50 for early birds, 350 for regular)

-Anniversary edition
*Price: 8 500€
*Size: 100*100*75 cm / 39*39*30 inch
*Materials: fiberglass & resin / glossy finish
*Plate with serial number and signed, limited at 37 copies