Open Beta for Flying Wild Hogs’ sci-fi looter-shooter Space Punks announced for April 20th

The Space Punks Open Beta will be free-to-play on PC from April 20th via the Epic Games Store

Open Beta update includes significant updates for the game including a core gameplay loop overhaul and the introduction of end-game endless dungeons

Watch the latest trailer here: Link

Cambridge, UK – March 29th 2022 – 
Leading Polish developer Flying Wild Hog  today announced the forthcoming Open Beta launch date of its top-down looter-shooter Space Punks. From April 20th 2022, PC players will be able to ‘rip space a new one’ in Space Punks’ galaxy of guns, glory and over-the-top action via the Epic Games Store. This milestone is an important step in Space Punks‘ ongoing development as a live service free-to-play title.

Developed by Flying Wild Hog’s Cracow Studio, Space Punks is a free-to-play top-down full action role-playing game (ARPG) set in an irreverent sci-fi universe, where players blast their way to fame and fortune by earning easy money in extremely dangerous ways. Space Punks is published by leading British video game publisher Jagex, developer and publisher of the iconic living game RuneScape franchise, which brings its 20-plus years of experience creating living games to Flying Wild Hog’s latest title.

As part of the Open Beta update (or “The Cracked One” Update for those keeping track) new and returning players will get to experience the overhaul of the core gameplay loop with new “Get-A-Job” and Craftron 2000 system improvements, as well as new end-game content with “The Crack”,  a new endless experience, set in the depths of a sort-a-black hole, where up to four players can dive together to explore the unknown and reach infinity.

Michał Kuk, Head of Cracow Studio for Flying Wild Hog and Space Punks Game Director said: “We are incredibly proud of what we have built with Space Punks so far. The last few months of Early Access were instrumental in refining and tuning the core gameplay concepts we want to create – in line with all important player feedback at every step of development. Players can look forward to a unique mix of over-the-top sci-fi action-RPG wrapped in self-aware humor, with enough guns, grenades, gadgets and gizmos to keep them always coming back for more. The Open Beta means we look forward to welcoming more players than ever to the world of Space Punks, but that doesn’t mean we’re done listening to our all important player community, or that we’re anywhere near “done” working on the game. We have so much more we’re looking forward to adding in the coming months, and can’t wait to show the gaming public at large what we’ve been working on!”

Phil Mansell, CEO of Jagex, said: “Space Punks embodies Jagex’s living games philosophy by offering players an ever-evolving multiplayer experience with a strong focus on social play. Working closely with a game’s community is central to everything we do for the RuneScape franchise, so it is an absolute pleasure to work with a studio like Flying Wild Hog whose values align so closely with our own. It has been a privilege to support Flying Wild Hog throughout the Early Access phase of development, and we look forward to supporting them throughout the game’s Open Beta on the Epic Games Store as they continue to build a long-term and meaningful relationship with players through 2022 and beyond.” 

Players can jump straight into Space Punks’ Open Beta from April 20th 2022. Those wishing to further support the game’s ongoing development, and look great while doing so, can purchase a Founders Pack at the Epic Games Store here: Punks Founders Packs come in two varieties:

  • Swag Pack: The basic pack for any budding misfit unlocks all four main characters. It also features a Season 1 Battle Pass that’ll launch later in Open Beta and exclusive backgrounds, four emotes, the Epic Cape and Epic Dash effect. Price: $29.99 / €23.99 / £21.99
  • Splendor Pack: The ultimate starter kit for only the hardcore scoundrel features everything in the Swag Pack as well as other additional benefits – 25 tiers skips for Season 1 Battle Pass, four Epic Character Skins, Epic Player Entrance and more. Price: $49.99 / €39.99 / £34.99