Old School RuneScape’s First Ever New Skill Enters Development as Player Poll Breaks Vote Record

With over 80% approval on the poll, Old School RuneScape’s Community Consultation begins.

Thursday, 26 January 2023 – Jagex, the creators of iconic MMORPG Old School RuneScape, have begun the process of adding a new skill for the first time in 15 years. This is confirmed by the most recent community poll regarding the introduction of Old School RuneScape’s first-ever new skill which broke a voting record.

All new content added to Old School RuneScape must have majority player approval before it enters development. Since the poll launched in December 2022, over 190,000 players voted on the future of the fantasy MMOs skill base which is a record for voter turnout. As explained in Old School RuneScape’s community blog, with over 80% approval this means that the new skill will enter Community Consultation to determine what type of skill players want.

Watch the Old School RuneScape team explain the community consultation process here

During the Community Consultation period, there will be an in-depth survey to gather data on the players’ most desired skills. This questionnaire closes on 31 January and the Consultation will then enter the pitching stage where a Community Panel of 100 players will attend a Discord focus group to give feedback to the Old School team’s proposed skills based on the survey.

The results of these discussions will be shared to ensure total transparency with players. Following that, the pitches will be polled and the skill with the most community-backing will be refined before they are finetuned and locked-in to begin development.

You can see the full development timeline below.

The pitching process is expected to take place in late February with Old School RuneScape’s beta for the new skill launching later this year.

Learn more about community polling over on the Old School RuneScape website.