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Vertigo 6 is a PR and marketing agency specializing in areas such as entertainment, lifestyle, toys, leisure, and technology. We won the prestigious SAN New Kids on the Block Award, which recognizes the most talented agency in the Netherlands. Since then, Vertigo 6 has been recognized as the best B2C marketing agency in the Netherlands (FONK150) and best Social & Content Agency (Emerce100). 🕹️

Founded in 2013 by games industry veterans, Vertigo 6’s experience in this innovative and unpredictable market has translated into award-winning national and international campaigns for entertainment, lifestyle, toys, leisure, and tech clients. We are based in the east of the Netherlands and work in a down-to-earth yet creative manner in the Netherlands and Belgium, with strong partners in the rest of Europe. Our boutique agency creates stories and content that grab attention and have a significant impact in a remarkable way.

Public Relations (PR)

In our definition, PR stands for Positive Reality. We develop a distinctive PR strategy to tell your (brand) story and reinforce your message towards the right media, companies, and consumers. PR is never an end in itself for us, but rather a means that should always contribute to business objectives. Let us help you to amplify your message and to get people talking about you!

Onze Diensten - PR / Public Relations
Onze Diensten - Infleuncermarketing

We establish collaborations with relevant influencers to increase the visibility of your brand and reach a larger audience. Through close relationships with influencers, we develop effective campaigns that fit your brand and objectives, whether it’s engagement, brand awareness, or conversion!

Social media management

We develop a customized strategy, create textual and visual content, and manage your social accounts to build an engaged and loyal community. We bring your social media channels back to life and know what resonates with your followers. It’s no wonder that Emerce magazine named us the best Social & Content agency in the Netherlands in 2023.

Vertigo 6 - Studiekeuze123 Social Media Management
Vertigo 6 - Dead Island 2 Spectacular - Media-inkoop / Media buy
Media buy

We help you to reach your target audience through various channels, such as social media, Google Adwords, display and video advertising, and ATL channels like (Digital) Out of Home, radio, and TV. We ensure effective and targeted media buying to convey your message on the right channels and help your brand grow.

Content creation

Our content creation specialists work closely with our clients to create engaging, effective, and customized content that appeals to and inspires the target audience. We work with various platforms such as social media, websites, blogs, newsletters, and more.

Onze Diensten - Contentcreatie
Vertigo 6 - NK Muisklikken

Whether you are planning a product launch, press conference, or any other business event, we have the knowledge and experience to make your event a success. We see events as a means to achieve your (brand) goals and can assist you in organizing an unforgettable event!

Vertigo 6 - PR & Marketing Agency

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Looking to take your brand to the next level? From building media and partner relationships to reaching new audiences via social media, influencer marketing, and advertising, we offer a comprehensive range of services to help you achieve your goals. We’ll work with you to create a tailored strategy, produce high-quality content, and manage your social media accounts to build a loyal community around your brand.