Eccentric craft fries shop in Amsterdam introduces weed mayonnaise

Only in Amsterdam: Fries with cannabis mayonnaise available!

Amsterdam, July 5th, 2018 – Starting today you can order fries with a very special cannabis mayonnaise at ecccentric craft fries shop Dr. Pieper in Amsterdam. The mayonnaise with a light hemp flavour contains healthy CBD oil and hemp seed oil and was developed by doctor Pieper to provide customers with healthy foods in a tasty way.

Weed flavour
The new sauce is creamy, sweet, has a light weed taste and the structure is very full thanks to the CBD oil and hemp seed oil. The weed mayonnaise consists of egg yolk, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, mustard, honey, hemp seed oil, CBD oil, pepper, and salt. The ingredients can reduce pain and inflammation in joints and can have a positive effect on symptoms caused by joint pain, rheumatism, cancer, epilepsy, sleeping disorder, chronic pain, ADHD, anxiety, and stress. During the past weeks, doctor Pieper has extensively tested and optimized the weed mayonnaise. Customers who have tried the fries and the new mayonnaise describe the sauce as ’tasty’, ‘fresh’, and ‘creamy’.

Tasty and healthy
“Because doctor Pieper thinks that eating healthy foods can also be enjoyable, he has now developed a sauce that’s not only delicious, but also contains healthy substances. That is very important to us doctors, of course”, says a very enthusiastic Jelle Westland, assistant to doctor Pieper. When asked for how long the sauce will be available, Westland says: “It’s nice to see that the first customers were already very enthusiastic about the sauce. If more people are so enthusiastic, it’s possible the sauce will be available at Dr. Pieper forever.”

Weed ice cream
In addition to the new weed mayonnaise, doctor Pieper is working very hard on a formula for a special weed ice cream as well. The ice cream at Dr. Pieper is already special because of the way it is prepared. Doctor Pieper uses liquid nitrogen in his process, a method previously used only in restaurants with one or more Michelin stars, to make so-called Nitro ice cream. “Making ice cream is a true science,” says Westland. “Use of liquid nitrogen results in a healthier, creamier ice cream with a velvety texture.” Currently, only Regular Nitro ice cream is available. A launch date for the weed ice cream has not yet been announced.

Dr. Pieper opened its doors in October 2017 at the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam and stood out immediately thanks to its eccentric steampunk interior. Inside you can order hand-carved craft fries with a large range of homemade sauces, such as truffle mayonnaise, chipotle mayonnaise, vegan mayonnaise and the new weed mayonnaise. Besides fries you can also order home-made specials such as rendang, pulled chicken, and vegetarian or vegan croquettes.

Dr. Pieper is located in Amsterdam West, at Kinkerstraat 142H. More information at: