Azerion Campus Helsinki opens its doors, cementing the company’s presence in one of the gaming capitals of Europe

Azerion continues its fast-pace growth in 2021, increasing its footprint across Europe

Azerion’s vision is to play a key role as a leader in the gaming industry and introduce new audiences to the world of gaming.

Amsterdam – March 30th 2021 – Azerion, the leading European gaming and adtech company, proudly announced the opening of its first Campus in Helsinki. Initially, the campus will be occupied by the Sulake team, and in the long term, Azerion aims to support new ventures to unlock their potential and help expand their business globally.

The Azerion Campus
The new campus of Azerion is located in an original printing house at Dagmarinkatu 6 in Helsinki and has an outstanding accessibility with its central location in the city. Furthermore, business owners can enjoy a wide range of restaurants, hotels and shopping centres. The printing house will be completely refurbished and upgraded to a modern office with an authentic and historical look and feel by the Finnish architect Kari Lappalainen.

Support local game industry
With the opening of the campus in Helsinki, Azerion wants to create a local footprint in one of the gaming capitals of the world and prepare for future growth. The Azerion Campus Helsinki will become a development center that will support business expansion globally and develop game products and services. “This is a new milestone for Azerion. We are looking forward to seeing our social gaming division flourish in the Campus, and we have confidence they are working well to grow the existing games and communities. The opening of the campus allows us to expand our audiences and introduce them to the world of gaming via activations, brand partnerships and real-life events such as concerts. The first occupant Sulake is a symbol for a great celebration of the opening of the Azerion Helsinki Campus now that this team is fully part of Azerion” says Jurriaan Van Teunenbroek, Vice President Games & Content at Azerion at Azerion.

First occupant Sulake
The recently acquired game developer Sulake will be the first occupant of the brand new campus: “This is a space that fits our needs to develop the quality products we are known for, We are really excited about our new space we’ve developed together with Azerion. We now have a workplace that fulfills all our wishes.”  says Valtteri Karu CEO at Sulake.