ASUS Announces Digital Solutions for Content Creators, Business Professionals, Health and Fitness Enthusiasts, and Gamers at IFA 2019

Worldwide debut of brand-new ProArt series of mobile and desktop workstations and displays designed to meet the specific needs of professional content creators


  • The brand-new ASUS ProArt series of mobile and desktop workstations and displays provides a complete digital solution for professional content creators.
  • ASUS announces VivoWatch SP, a wearable health tracker featuring medical-grade ECG and PPG sensors, plus exclusive HealthAI technology.
  • ASUS announces the new ASUSPRO B9, the world’s lightest 14-inch business laptop with next-level performance and innovations.
  • Making its European debut, ROG Phone II Ultimate is a dedicated gaming smartphone featuring the world’s fastest Snapdragon 855 Plus+ Mobile Platform.

BERLIN, Germany, September 4, 2019 — ASUS Co-CEOs S.Y. Hsu and Samson Hu took the stage today at IFA 2019 for the Wiser Together press event, a celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary, to unveil a lineup of digital solutions dedicated for content creators, business professionals, health and fitness enthusiasts, and gamers. Featured at the event was an all-new lineup of ProArt content-creation products, including ProArt StudioBook One, ProArt StudioBook Pro X, ProArt Station D940MX and ProArt Display PA32UCG as well as the VivoWatch SP health and fitness wearable and ASUSPRO B9 business laptop. ASUS also announced the European debut of the ZenBook Pro Duo and ZenBook Duo notebooks, and the ROG Phone II gaming smartphone.

“I am excited to be at IFA this year celebrating 30 years of ASUS innovation by introducing an incredible lineup of new products to consumers in Europe,” said S.Y. Hsu, ASUS Co-CEO. “These latest creations exemplify our focus on providing working professionals, consumers and gamers alike with solutions that empower them to do their best work, live a better lifestyle and enjoy the best entertainment experiences.”

“At Intel we continue developing products that are workload optimized to deliver real world performance all types of consumers and businesses need,” said Chris Walker, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of Mobility Client Platforms in the Client Computing Group. “With the leadership performance and platform technologies provided by the latest Intel Core and Intel Xeon processors, more than 30 years of collaboration with ASUS is on full display across a breadth of innovative designs with the ZenBook Duo, Pro B9, ProArt and ROG systems coming to market this year.”

All products shown onstage, as well as a full lineup of ASUS and ROG innovations will be on display for visitors to experience at the ASUS Booth at IFA 2019. The showcase is located at Booth #110 in the Messe Berlin Hall 12 and is open to visitors September 6–11, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

ASUS ProArt lineup for content creation
Since the launch of the first ProArt display in 2011, ASUS has been committed to meeting the specific needs of professional content creators and has been recognized with over 400 industry awards. The content-creator market is expanding at a rapid pace and there are now more than 200 million PC-based creators worldwide, according to Intel research[1].

To meet the evolving needs of professional workflows in traditional content-creation fields, such as photography and videography, as well as provide new solutions for 3D designers, game developers and professionals in other creative disciplines, ASUS is introducing a brand-new lineup of ProArt products. Designed as a complete digital solution for content creation, these new ProArt devices deliver absolute precision for original imagination, extreme performance for unstoppable creation, versatile connectivity for seamless speed and promised stability for proven reliability. This new ProArt lineup represents the foundation of a comprehensive content-creation solution that will continue to grow with innovative new products designed to be the best companions for creators.

The complete lineup of ProArt StudioBooks takes advantage of NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ GPU capabilities, including real‑time ray tracing and AI acceleration, catering to the needs of content creators and meeting the stringent requirements of the NVIDIA RTX Studio program. RTX Studio laptops are precision crafted to deliver dramatic improvements in productivity and performance across everyday creative apps. In addition to the flagship ProArt StudioBook One and ProArt StudioBook Pro X, the series also includes ProArt StudioBook Pro 17/15 and ProArt StudioBook 17/15 with both Quadro® and GeForce GPU options and all featuring Windows 10.

“With ProArt, ASUS has always been dedicated to delivering precision tools that empower creative professionals to do their best work,” said Mr. Samson Hu, ASUS Co-CEO. “I’m thrilled to be at IFA 2019 to announce our all-new, expanded ProArt lineup that takes our dedication to a new level, equipping more creative professionals than ever with a complete digital solution that enables them to achieve their artistic visions.”

“Content creators are more mobile than ever and must keep up with tight deadlines and complex workflows,” said Bob Pette, vice president of professional visualization at NVIDIA. “The latest ASUS ProArt lineup, punctuated by the world’s fastest laptop, carries the RTX Studio badge and is powered by NVIDIA RTX GPUs. They deliver high-end desktop performance and portability, so artists and designers can visualize and create their best work faster than before.”

The spark of inspiration can ignite at any time and content creators need a trusted, professional platform that matches the way they work and gives them the power to realize their creative vision. ProArt is inspired by creative professionals. It is designed with precision to go above and beyond the exacting standards professionals demand in order to provide immersive tools that support the creative process to bring the best ideas to life.

Together with the announcement of the new ProArt lineup, ASUS is launching the I am ProArtist campaign. Creators can submit their best 2D or 3D digital artwork or an original film clip for a chance to win ProArt products, including ProArt Display PA27AC, ProArt Display PA32UC, ProArt Station PA90, ProArt StudioBook Pro 17 and Mini PC PB60G. Full details are available at the campaign website:

ProArt StudioBook One
ProArt StudioBook One is the most powerful StudioBook ever. Carrying the RTX Studio badge, the first laptop to feature NVIDIA Quadro® RTX™ 6000 graphics is the world’s most graphically powerful laptop. It is powered by the latest 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processors, which deliver single and multi-threaded performance that enables creatives to tackle compute-intensive tasks and do the most with the software crucial to their workflows. NVIDIA Quadro RTX graphics provides users with more CUDA, RT, and Tensor cores, enabling rendering of animations, 8K video editing and data calculations to be handled more smoothly and efficiently.

ProArt StudioBook One has a powerful cooling system featuring a lightweight aerospace grade titanium alloy thermal module designed to optimize inlet and exhaust flow. When the lid is opened, the hinge tilts the chassis by 4.57° to maximize the inflow of cool air into the chassis. Heat-generating components, including the CPU, GPU, and thermal systems are placed behind the display to ensure comfortable use, even when placed on the user’s lap.

The 4K UHD PANTONE® Validated display on ProArt StudioBook One is truly amazing, boasting a superfast 120Hz refresh rate and edge to edge glass that sits flush with the bezels. Its 84% screen-to-body ratio provides immersive visuals, while the display’s wide 100% Adobe RGB gamut and Delta-E < 1 rating ensure exceptional color reproduction and accuracy.

For creatives, software is key. That’s why ASUS tests and invests in comprehensive Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification processes to ensure the very best experience with professional software applications.

ProArt StudioBook Pro X
ProArt StudioBook Pro X is the first NVIDIA Quadro-powered laptop to feature ASUS ScreenPad 2.0 and the four-sided ASUS NanoEdge display. The innovative display design provides a 92% screen-to-body ratio and 16:10 aspect ratio for immersive visuals. ProArt StudioBook Pro X also supports an exceptionally wide color gamut with 97% DCI-P3 color space coverage and delivers high color-accuracy.

With ProArt StudioBook Pro X, users can edit and render multilayered files with professional-grade NVIDIA Quadro RTX 5000 graphics, optimized for stability and performance with professional software apps. It is powered by an Intel Xeon® or 9th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with six cores designed with the optimal combination of high frequency and threads to handle complex, multithreaded applications. CPU-attached Raid 0 ensures the fastest possible storage performance, with speeds of up to 6 GBps compared to the typical 4 GBps[2]. Additionally, ProArt StudioBook Pro X is designed to operate at full load without the need to throttle the speed of the CPU or GPU, making it outstandingly reliable for even the toughest workloads.

ProArt StudioBook Pro X is the first in the series to feature ScreenPad 2.0. This interactive secondary touchscreen upgrades the traditional laptop experience, providing users with an intuitive smartphone-like interface on which they can easily manage tasks and create their own seamless multitasking workflow.

The compact dimensions of this 17-inch laptop is comparable to that of many 15-inch laptops, slipping easily into a briefcase or messenger bag for professional grade graphics on the go. It looks good, too with a classy Star Grey finish with rose gold highlights.

ProArt Station D940MX
ProArt Station D940MX is a compact workstation-grade desktop designed for content creators and media professionals Featuring an 8-liter chassis, it is one of the smallest desktops available yet delivers incredible performance with a dual-sided logic board to house its powerful CPU, GPU and memory. It is powered by a 9th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processor with up to 64GB DDR4 2666MHz memory, NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 4000 or NVIDIA GeForce RTX™ 2080 Ti graphics, dual storage with a 512GB PCIe® SSD and 1TB HDD, and ultrafast connectivity, including dual Thunderbolt™ 3 ports on the front panel.

In addition to its compact size, ProArt Station D940MX has a stylish, modern design with unique touches especially for content creators, including an LED indicator at the bottom of the chassis to reflect the current status of the PC. Users can take a break and step away from ProArt Station D940MX when rendering graphics, simply glancing at the LEDs to check whether the process is done.

ProArt Station D940MX uses an advanced hybrid thermal system to cope with the heat buildup within the confines of its compact chassis. The system incorporates a 2D vapor chamber and heat pipes to lower overall internal temperatures by up to 6.8°C. Quad fans situated in different zones of the chassis help dissipate heat quickly, including an auxiliary fan on the hard drive, which increases airflow by up to 9% to ensure stable data performance.

Despite its powerful cooling system, ProArt Station D940MX operates silently, generating less than 19 dB of noise at idle, and up to 37 dB at full load, allowing users to work without distractions and not worry about the hum of cooling fans in the background when streaming or recording. Designed for the demanding needs of content creators, ProArt Station D940MX meets strict military-grade MIL STD 810G durability standards to ensure reliable long-term performance.

ProArt Display PA32UCG
ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCG is the world’s first HDR 1600 and 120Hz variable-refresh rate professional display. It features 4K UHD resolution and mini LED backlighting that delivers industry leading brightness and color performance for the critical visual workflows of filmmakers, broadcasters and game developers. ProArt Display PA32UCG is VESA pre-certified for DisplayHDR 1400, the industry’s latest and highest standard of HDR performance.

Featuring 1,152 individual mini LED backlights with local dimming that enable 1,000 nits of full-screen sustained brightness, 1,600 nits of peak brightness and a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, ProArt Display PA32UCG delivers exceptional high-dynamic range (HDR) performance and supports all major HDR standards, including Dolby Vision®, Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) and HDR10.

ProArt Display PA32UCG also features quantum-dot technology, enabling it to display a wide color gamut with DCI-P3, Adobe RGB, sRGB, Rec. 709 and Rec. 2020 color space support. With true 10-bit color depth and a three-level factory color pre-calibration process, ProArt Display PA32UCG delivers incredibly accurate color (Delta-E < 1) out of the box, and built-in ProArt Hardware Calibration technology with color profile write-back to the display ensures continuous accuracy for dependable ongoing performance.

Adaptive-Sync enables a 48–120Hz variable refresh rate (VRR) that eliminates visual smearing, tearing and motion blur, making ProArt Display PA32UCG a welcome addition to game-development workflows. Additionally, the display offers rich connectivity with two Thunderbolt™ 3, one DisplayPort and three HDMI ports as well as a built-in USB hub, enabling content creators to connect a wide variety of devices and enjoy ultrafast transfer speeds with external storage.

ProArt Creator Center
The ProArt Creator Center app delivers the optimal creation experience across all ProArt devices, enabling color calibration, performance optimization and synchronization. It lets users calibrate the display of their devices at any time and sync visual settings with connected ProArt devices. ProArt Creator Center also enables easy monitoring and optimization of system performance during production and even frees users from having to wait at their machine during rendering by letting them monitor progress on their smartphone or other mobile device.

VivoWatch SP
ASUS VivoWatch SP is an intelligent wearable device that offers 24/7 health and fitness monitoring and insights to help wearers maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve exercise goals. Featuring medical-grade ECG and PPG sensors with ASUS HealthAI technology, VivoWatch SP can track real-time health data, including heart rate, pulse O2 level, autonomic nerve activity index (ANS age), stress level and blood pressure[3]. Exclusive ASUS HealthAI technology provides personalized daily and long-term health insights and advice based on the wearer’s personal habits.

ASUS VivoWatch SP is also a smart fitness companion and coach. A built-in GPS sensor lets users track outdoor workouts and review them later in the intuitive ASUS HealthConnect mobile app, complete with activity maps and stats, such as speed, distance, duration and pace coaching. With pace coaching, users can specify a pace in the HealthConnect app, and VivoWatch SP will monitor the wearer’s speed during their run, providing real-time vibration alerts if they exceed or fall behind their set pace. The HealthConnect app also provides recommended pace targets for different types of workouts, making it easier to achieve fitness goals. Additionally, a built-in altimeter and pulse O2 monitor not only informs wearers of their current elevation and elevation gain, but also of their oxygen saturation, useful for hikers and climbers to let them know when it’s time to rest and catch their breath.

Stylish and durable, ASUS VivoWatch SP is designed to go almost anywhere. It is swim-proof to a depth of up to 50 meters (5 ATM), comes with a convenient, quick-release watch band and offers up to 14-day battery life.

ASUSPRO B9 (B9450)
The new ASUSPRO B9 (B9450) is the world’s lightest business laptop at only 880 grams[4]. With exceptional performance, ultraportable size, fast connectivity, reliable quality and rock-solid security, B9 is designed to provide a next-level usage experience for on-to-go business professionals.

ASUSPRO B9 delivers top-tier performance for effortless multi-tasking with up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, ultrafast storage with up to two 1TB PCIe® 3.0 x4 SSDs, supporting RAID 0 or 1 for faster data retrieval and backups, and seamless connectivity with Intel Wi‑Fi 6 (Gig+ 802.11ax) and Thunderbolt 3.

In addition to weighing just 880 grams, ASUSPRO B9 is extremely compact, featuring a four-sided NanoEdge display with a remarkable 94% screen-to-body ratio, allowing it to fit a 14-inch screen into a compact 13-inch profile. At 14.9mm thin, the laptop is extremely easy for travelers to carry and offers long-lasting battery life, making it always ready for business, anytime and anywhere.

For enterprise-grade durability, ASUSPRO B9 is tested to harsh US MIL-STD 810G military standards to ensure trustable reliability. B9 also keeps user data secure with a Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM) security chip and a built-in IR camera for safe biometric login.

ZenBook Pro Duo (UX581) and ZenBook Duo (UX481)
ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo (UX581) is a groundbreaking ultraportable laptop featuring the new ASUS ScreenPad™ Plus, a revolutionary full-width secondary touchscreen that expands and enhances the interactive capabilities offered by the original ScreenPad. ScreenPad Plus integrates seamlessly with the primary display and offers endless creative possibilities for content creators through productivity-enhancing workflows and easy multitasking.

ZenBook Pro Duo delivers extreme performance for effortless creativity with up to 9th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 2060 GPU. It also features a 15.6-inch 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) PANTONE Validated OLED HDR touchscreen with VESA DisplayHDR TrueBlack 500 certification.

For creative professionals requiring a smaller second-screen form factor, the 14-inch ZenBook Duo is the perfect choice. It supports the same great ScreenPad Plus features as ZenBook Pro Duo, but in a lighter and smaller chassis. Powered by up to an all new 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and GeForce® MX250 graphics, it has a PANTONE Validated FHD NanoEdge display and a ScreenPad Plus. Like the ZenBook Pro Duo, it integrates the ultra-fast and dependable connectivity creatives need with Intel Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+).

ROG Phone II Ultimate Edition
ASUS unveils a high-end version of the highly attention ROG Phone II, featuring a new color design and upgrade specifications. The understated Matte Black colorway gives the phone a unique personality, with the distinctive patterning emblazoned on the back cover adding emphasis. The hardware specification is upgraded to 1TB UFS 3.0 ROM with faster Cat 20 4G LTE download speed of up to 2Gbps. It provides a stronger personality design with even powerful storage performance, offering users the finest integration of design and technology.

The Ultimate Edition also features the world’s fastest Snapdragon™ 855 Plus with 2.96GHz CPU clock for effortless gaming power. The world’s first 120Hz/1ms AMOLED display and the world-beating Delta-E of less than 1 color accuracy delivering fluid and blur-free gaming, and the world-first 49ms touch latency delivers instant responsiveness for a competitive edge. Non-stop marathon gaming is provided by the monster 6000mAh battery and the innovative side-charging design, combined with a 30W ROG HyperCharge power adapter for safe, ultrafast direct charging. Lastly, it is with a unique landscape-oriented design incorporating upgraded AirTrigger II technology, Dual Surrounding Vibration technology, and powerful front-facing stereo speakers.