120 players face-off as epic PvP experience Soul Wars comes to Old School RuneScape

The fast-paced PvP minigame available today in Old School RuneScape, 12 years after its debut in RuneScape

Wednesday 6th January 2021, Cambridge, UK – The epic PvP game mode, Soul Wars, debuts in Old School RuneScape today. Soul Wars was introduced in RuneScape in 2009 and, since Old School RuneScape is based on a 2007 build of the game, it has never been available in the hugely popular retro version of the role-playing living game – until now.

This PvP game mode sees up to 120 players competing to win by gaining as many Avatar kills as possible. Players race to earn victory points, which are exchanged for major in-game rewards. Soul Wars is also an effective place for players to level up their Combat skills.

Soul Wars wouldn’t be complete without fan favourite warrior mage Nomad and this iconic RuneScape character is heading to Soul Wars to host the minigame once again – just like he did for the original version 12 years ago.

Soul Wars is considered a classic piece of legacy content from RuneScape that has often been requested by the community to be included in Old School RuneScape. In fact, when put to an official Old School RuneScape community poll it attracted more than 50,000 player votes, with a massive 83% of voters requested its inclusion in the game.

The addition of Soul Wars opens-up the potential for additional RuneScape legacy content to be introduced to Old School RuneScape in the future. For players looking to see their favourite content from that era of RuneScape return, keep an eye on future Old School RuneScape polls.

Soul Wars also arrives in Old School RuneScape as developer and publisher Jagex celebrates 20 years of RuneScape, which first went live in 2001, with year-long programme of anniversary content, quests, and stories to mark both Old School RuneScape and RuneScape’s enduring success.

Soul Wars is sure to appeal to PvPers, lovers of minigames and nostalgic RuneScape players alike. So, grab your friends and get ready to prove that you’re the superior fighter.