Unravel is Now Available

It’s hard to put into words how exciting this day is. After over two and a half years of work, Unravel™ is now finally available on Xbox One, PlayStation®4, and PC.

Getting here wasn’t easy. It took a lot of work, a lot of determination, and tons and tons of love. It’s been a long and awesome journey, and even though our part in it ends here, the journey itself is far from over. This is where your part begins, the game is in your hands now, and we’re all super excited to see what you make of it.

I’ve put together a few tips that should help you if you ever find yourself stuck in the game.

  • If an object is difficult to push, try grabbing it. That makes Yarny put more effort in.
  • Remember that the yarn trail is stuck. If you attach things to the yarn, you can only move them as far as the yarn lets you. To move things farther you need to create more slack on the line.
  • You can use both the lasso and the yarn trail at the same time. Grabbing both ends of the yarn lets you climb with total control and precision.
  • The yarn trail is great for getting out of trouble. Think of it as your safety line.
  • Some things look harder than they actually are. There’s usually a safe(ish) way to do things, if you can figure it out.

Unravel means a lot to us at Coldwood. Making it was an awesome experience, and we hope you feel the same way about playing it. Have fun with it!

Source: http://www.unravelgame.com/unravel-available.html?sf44277956=1