Social Media and Community Manager, Joke de Nul, Joins Vertigo 6 as Digital Content Manager

Arnhem – 16 November 2015 – Vertigo 6, an integrated public relations and marketing agency, has a new Digital Content Manager: Joke de Nul from Belgium. Joke previously worked for companies and brands such as Volkswagen, Netflix, Hoegaarden and many others.

Joke de Nul has more than 6 years of experience as social media & community manager. Joke lives, breathes and thinks social media. She is fascinated by social interaction and the role of technology in that process. 

“Social media is developing in a rapid pace, and sometimes you tend to lose track of things. When that happens, trust me to answer your questions. It’s not about spending valuable company resources on Twitter and Facebook, it’s about being present where your customers and prospects are. Listen to your customers, offer solutions and raise brand & company belief,” says Joke. “Whether you need a strategy, a workshop or a sparring partner for your ideas, I love to share my beliefs, my insights. I would love to guide you through your journey. I’m only a tweet away. Vertigo 6 is an innovative PR company with a growing customer base. I’m excited to join such an energetic team with a great track record, and look forward to helping Vertigo continue to revolutionise the way businesses communicate using social media,” says Joke.

“We are extremely pleased to have Joke joining the Vertigo 6 team and help propel us to the next level. Her enthusiasm and knowledge of social media will give us and our customers a big boost” said Mike Hendrixen, founder of Vertigo 6.