Raoul van Wijk joins Vertigo 6 as Marketing & PR Director / Partner

15 July 2015, Arnhem – Raoul van Wijk trades in Digijunk for Vertigo 6 to become Marketing & PR Director and Partner. Van Wijk will start his new position at Vertigo 6 on the 15th of July. 

Van Wijk lead his own marketing agency Digijunk for over 2 years and created websites and campaigns for Brabant Water, Swigle, Rotra, STMG, Sixt and many other brands. Before Digijunk, Van Wijk worked at QINQO and at British games developer & publisher Codemasters, where he worked on titles such as Formula 1, The Lord of the Rings Online and Racedrive GRID.

Raoul van Wijk on his decision to join vertigo 6: ‘For a while now I have noticed a trend amongst clients. Whether it’s PR, social media (strategy), or websites, they all seem to be looking for a a great amount of dedication and freshness from their agencies. The last thing a client wants is to simply throw something at agencies, wait and see what happens. You’d much rather join forces and create wonderful and effective campaigns together. I’ve been on the client side for a long time so I understand where their needs are. This way of working, and having fun in the process, is something Vertigo 6 believes in as well. And of course, there’s the click with Mike and Bart. We’ve worked together before at QINQO and Codemasters. I simply can not wait to start working with these guys again.’

Mike Hendrixen, founder and managing director: ‘I am looking forward to taking Vertigo 6 to the next level with Raoul. This year, Vertigo 6 celebrates its 3rd anniversary and we just keep on growing and heading in new directions. Raoul and I share the same passion and drive to create the best strategic and creative work possible. The last couple of years, Raoul has proven to master the art of creating remarkable campaigns that amplify our clients’ message. We’re about to sign some new clients, so Raoul’s timing couldn’t have been any better.’