DiRT 2.0 PR and influencer campaign

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Before the release of DiRT Rally 2.0 we wanted to give press a chance to play the game in the best way possible. We organized an exclusive preview event for Koch Media on a special location in Utrecht where journalists could take place in a custom designed DiRT Rally 2.0 Playseat. Media who were invited to the event got to play the game and experience an ultrarealistic racing simulation.

Influencer campaign
To create more awareness, we partnered up with four different content creators: Cromotag, JayJay Boske, Denniskuhh and SimRacingGirl. JayJay Boske shot some high-quality photos and did a giveaway on his Instagram channel, whilst the others created YouTube videos in which they play and discuss the game.

RTL Autowereld
To reach car and racing enthusiasts in the Netherlands we cooperated with RTL Autowereld, a Dutch television program. They created an almost six-minute-long video item in which experienced rally and Dakar driver and social influencer Tom Coronel had an in-depth play session with the game.

In the end DiRT Rally 2.0 got published on the biggest gaming, automotive, tech and lifestyle websites (e.g. IGN Benelux, Autogespot, Motorsport, Manners, WANT, Tweakers) in the Benelux, got a lot of attention by YouTubers and social influencers, and was broadcasted three times on Dutch national television (RTL 7, RTL 4).

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