Monday 25th January 2016, Cambridge, UK – Jagex Games Studio, creators and custodians of the fantasy MMORPG RuneScape, has launched its yearlong celebrations for the 15th anniversary of the world’s most played massively multiplayer online game in London.

The UK capital played host to a party of adventurers tasked with delivering invites to RuneScape’s upcoming documentary premiere. Comprised of a knight on a unicorn, herald and harlequin -alongside dedicated fans of the game who showed their support in full cosplay – invites were delivered to key media across the city. The party from Gielinor also found time to visit a few iconic London landmarks on their travels.

The stunt and documentary mark the launch point of a jam-packed year of activities including, the return of game creators – Andrew and Paul Gower – who are creating an all-new quest chain, a new continent in the Old School version of the game and the launch of Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, among a host of other activities.

For the latest information on all of the upcoming events, visit RuneScape’s official news page.