Logitech s’engage pour plus de transparence

The company is the first manufacturer of consumer computer peripherals to inform consumers about the environmental impact of its products through its various ranges

LEUSDEN, June 17, 2020 –  Logitech (SIX: LOGN) (Nasdaq: LOGI), manufacturer of computer peripherals, undertakes to communicate the carbon impact of its products on their packaging and its website. The company plans to start implementing its first labeling by the end of the year on gaming products, and then on all the products in the different ranges.

Logitech will thus be the first technology company to reveal the details of the carbon impact on the packaging of all of its products. In this way, it wishes to educate consumers and support them in their thinking at the time of purchase. The company also aims to encourage other players in the sector to drastically reduce the carbon impact on the environment.

Already rewarded for the design of its products, Logitech, through all of its brands, designs responsible products and conducts permanent reflection to improve their production methods and make them more environmentally friendly. Until now, consumers who wanted it did not have information on the carbon impact of the products they wanted to buy.
Thanks to this new labeling, the company allows consumers to be fully informed at the time of their purchase.

“We recognize the scale of the ecological challenge facing our planet today,”  says Bracken Darrell, President and CEO of Logitech. “We are redoubling our efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our products, but we cannot do it alone. This transparency policy aims to raise awareness among our consumers in order to work together for a better world. It is indeed important to be aware of our consumption and its impact. We hope, thus, to create a momentum in which other companies could engage for more transparency. Difficult but necessary, it is this joint effort that will make the difference ”, he  adds.

Transparency on the carbon impact is an extension of the brand’s other commitments, concerning its operation, its products and their packaging for more sustainable development. In 2019, the company announced that its activity for designing peripherals for video games (Brand: Logitech G and Astro Gaming) was now certified carbon neutral. Also in 2019  , Logitech also announced its support for the Paris Climate Agreement by committing to reducing its carbon footprint to contribute to the ambitious goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. Finally, by 2030, Logitech aims to use exclusively renewable electricity.

Proactivity and collaboration to achieve the environmental objective

The carbon impact is a quantifiable index which is measured in relation to the effects of the actions carried out on the climate. Over the years, Logitech has developed its Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) tool which makes it possible to monitor the carbon impact of a product at each stage of its life (production, distribution, use, etc.). ). This allows the company to analyze the effects, toxicity and circularity of its products and their packaging.

Following the collection of information and in order to optimize their operation, Logitech will partner with 3 referenced players in the sector: Natural Capital Partners, iPoint Group and an independent speaker who will ensure that they comply with certification standards  DEKRA .

Logitech communicates on the carbon footprint of its products on its own initiative and will allow online access to the methodologies and protocols used, meeting the various ISO 14067 and ISO 14026 standards concerning the quantification of the carbon footprint, its communication and the methods labeling.

“We see a real need for transparency and information from consumers,”  said Rebecca Fay, CMO at Natural Capital Partners. “We welcome Logitech’s transparency policy which, in our opinion, represents the ideal complement to the CarbonNeutral ® certification of its products and demonstrates its willingness to embark on a transformation towards low carbon emissions”  she concludes.

“Sharing and promoting transparency for the carbon footprint of a company’s products is an important step towards reducing greenhouse gases and therefore in the battle against climate change ” says Martina Prox, Consultant in sustainable development at iPoint Group. We are looking forward to continuing the collaboration with Logitech on the calculation and analysis of the carbon footprint of its products”, she  concludes.

For more information on Logitech’s responsible policy, its annual report is  available here . Data on its new labeling is  available here .