Logitech G & Vertigo 6 win a SAN Accent!

Yesterday, the prestigious Dutch Marketing Awards, the “SAN Accenten” were handed out in a live stream. Logitech G and Vertigo 6 were nominated in the “Best Smart Idea” category with brands such as McDonald’s, KFC, Hulphond and over 40 others! The Happy New Gear, end of year campaign, that featured Twitch Streamer Egbert and Radio DJ Daniel Lippens was awarded one of the five awards! The jury said: “It’s impressive how well Logitech G knows their target audience and how they managed to reach them!”

It’s the 3rd SAN Accent for Vertigo 6! In previous years Vertigo 6 won the New Kids on the Block Award Accent (best young agency) and an Accent in the best Leisure campaign category (Ziggo).