International Women’s Day Vanity Now Live in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23

EA SPORTS is partnering with independent designer Harkiran “Harky” Kalsi, to bring forth unique in-game content in FIFA 23 for players across the globe.  

Tuesday March 7, 2023 – Today, EA SPORTS, in partnership with independent designer Harkian “Harky” Kalsi, announced new International Women’s Day (IWD) vanity items. Available in EA SPORTS FIFA 23’s most popular game modes, customized vanity items have been created for players to acquire and wear in-game to embrace equity and show solidarity with the growth of women’s football across the globe.

An IWD jersey will be available for players to acquire in FUT, accompanied by boots available to players in Pro Clubs and VOLTA FOOTBALL game modes. Designed by Harky, these vanity items utilize the color purple, the primary color of IWD, to exemplify EA SPORTS’ support of women’s equality both on and off the field.

EA SPORTS is proud to announce Sam Kerr (Chelsea), Chloe Kelly (Manchester City), Catarina Macario (Lyon) and Dzsenifer Marozsán (Lyon) as official FIFA 23 ambassadors for IWD. These football stars will all be featured in the IWD vanity items and will receive a custom ball created by Harky.

“Growing up, I looked up to men’s footballers, and it’s really cool that the next generation is able to look up to some amazing female athletes,” said Chelsea star Sam Kerr. “The need to elevate female voices and continue evolving the game remains, and I’m proud to partner with EA SPORTS as they continue advancing the women’s game. International Women’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to highlight these contributions, and I’m looking forward to seeing this latest kit in-game, championing International Women’s Day.”

Chloe Kelly, Manchester City: “International Women’s Day gives hope and pride to girls of all ages and female athletes everywhere. It’s important to recognize this day and the value that women bring to the game of football. It’s amazing to see EA SPORTS celebrating this day and continuing to advance the game – on and off the pitch.”

Sharing insight into designing these items, Harky Kalsi shared, “It was an honour to produce the International Women’s Day Vanity kit for EA SPORTS. Representation matters – on and off the pitch – and I’m proud to have a role in bringing the women’s game to the forefront. From the custom ball to boots and kit, my inspiration was this year’s theme of embracing equity and the global colour of International Women’s Day. I can’t wait to see these items go live in-game!”

IWD vanity items will be available in game on March 7th, 2023 (7PM CET).

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