Graduate Intern Kimball Huwaë joins Vertigo 6

1 September 2015, Arnhem – Communication student Kimball Huwaë joins Marketing & PR Agency Vertigo 6. As a Graduate Intern he will be responsible for doing research that contributes to his thesis. Kimball is a very enthusiastic guy with a passion for creating and with a hands-on mentality.

Being a student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen, he got comfortable with Branding, Storytelling, Crossmedia, PR and Social Media to name a few. These areas are becoming more and more important in contemporary marketing.

“I am excited to learn more about how to get the world talking about companies and their products,” said the new Communication Graduate Intern. “It’s something I have always been interested in and Vertigo 6 is giving me the opportunity to further expand my knowledge.” Aside from being a Communication student, Kimball is also a Multimedia Design graduate. It makes him able to bring ideas to life. There really are no limits to creativity, which is always a basic principle for his projects.

“His thesis consists of a recommendation report with a proper supporting research. His thesis is constructed to connect to our needs. That makes his contribution to our team all the more valuable to Vertigo 6. We’re very happy to have Kimball joining the Vertigo 6 team and we’re looking forward to a great collaboration.” adds Mike Hendrixen.