Bounty Hunter Returns to Old School RuneScape Welcoming New Players to PvP Combat

Wednesday, 24 May 2023 – Launching today in Old School RuneScape, the iconic PvP minigame Bounty Hunter returns to test players’ combat abilities as they fight for dominance in The Wilderness. This re-imagining of the classic game mode adds unique weapon rewards, powerful weapon enhancements, and the most approachable entry to PvP content in Old School RuneScape history.

Bounty Hunter is a PvP minigame that debuted in 2007 and saw players entering into three craters, each with a combat level cap to duke it out for glory and loot. This return to Bounty Hunter will implement a few changes which will make the mini-game a more approachable venture for PvP beginners. 

A new, quick matchmaking tool will be used to pair players with combatants of similar combat skill level so there will also be a fair fight. This minigame takes place in a dedicated arena called the Crater. Each player will be assigned a target when they enter the crater, and the victors are rewarded with the target’s loot (as is standard) and additional emblems that can be exchanged for unique items.

Rewards include Statius’ Armour, Vesta’s Armour, Zuriel’s robes, as well as access to Ancient Warrior Weapons including Statius’ Warhammer, Vesta’s Longsword, Morrigan’s Throwing Axe and more. There are certain items that can be imbued with special enchantments that enhance their magics when used in Bounty Hunter combat. These include the Dark Bow, Dragon Mace, Dragon Longsword, the Abyssal Dagger and more.

This year, the Old School RuneScape team began the process of adding a new skill for the first time in the game’s 10-year history. Passing the pitching stage, the new skill Sailing will now enter refinement before it is put before the community for the lock-in vote. Learn more about community polling and the skill development schedule over on the Old School RuneScape website.