Battlefield 2042: Evolving Vault Weapons Dev Notes Blog & Podcast

Over the coming weeks, the Battlefield 2042 team will be discussing several changes and improvements coming in Season 5. This week, the team is kicking off the conversation with a larger focus on Vault Weapons. 

In Season 5, players will see Vault Weapons with new adapted attachments, customizable skins and improvements to balance changes. For a full breakdown of all the Vault Weapon updates, check out the latest Dev Notes on the Battlefield blog here.

Also, in case you missed the news on Monday, the Battlefield 2042 team shared the Evolving Vault Weapons podcast, the latest in their series of “Inside Battlefield” deep-dives. Host and DICE Community Manager Tom Straatman, is joined by Alexander Formoso (Weapons Game Designer) to discuss the changes coming to Vault Weapons during Season 5. Check it out on Spotify, Google or Apple Podcasts.

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