Download the free newsjacking calendar “Inhaakkalender 2015”

December 31, 2014. Newsjacking or ‘Inhaken’, as we like to call it in Dutch, is more popular than ever! Prepare yourself for the new year and download your free copy of the “Inhaakkalender 2015” on our blog:

“The rules have changed. The traditional PR model—sticking closely to a preset script and campaign timeline—no longer works the way it used to. Public discourse now moves so fast and so dynamically that all it takes is a single afternoon to blast the wheels off someone’s laboriously crafted narrative. Enter newsjacking: the process by which you inject your ideas or angles into breaking news, in real-time, in order to generate media coverage for yourself or your business.” says newsjacking guru David Meerman Scott. “Getting positive attention for your business via mainstream media is great! That’s why organizations spend so much money on PR agencies and staffers. But the old “outbound” approach – sending a press release or PR pitch to hundreds of journalists via email doesn’t work so well in a world of instant communications. The new way to reach members of the media uses “inbound” PR – creating content that journalists are looking for as they write breaking news stories. I call this technique Newsjacking.”