Wednesday 23rd March 2016, Cambridge, UK – The open beta for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, a new generation of strategy card games that sees players fighting their own cards to determine the fate of a Legend, is now available for PC gamers from, JagexGames Studio announced today. The open beta trailer is now showing at

From the studio best known as the creator of iconic MMO RuneScape, Chronicle is an enthralling new game where every card is an action; there’s no mana, no minions and definitely no random number generation.

Presenting a step-change for the genre, Chronicle twists traditional strategy card game mechanics from battle and board control to create a unique experience, that embraces RPG-style questing and skilling.

In Chronicle, players create their own adventureby strategically selecting Support and Enemy cardsfrom their deckto form a quest for their chosen Legend in a bid for supremacy over their rival. Players can play their cards to trip up their rival or focus on becoming an unstoppable force themselves.

Said Mark Killey, Senior Producer, Chronicle: RuneScape Legends:
“It’s time to shake up the world of competitive card games and Chronicle is doing just that with the launch of its open beta today. Delivering the most skill-orientated card game to date, Chronicle is a game of grand strategy and one where your own cards can not only be your greatest ally but also your deadliest enemy. Chronicle is all about survival of the smartest and it’s the PvP-meets-PvE questing that gives Chronicle a competitive core, making a fun mechanic into a truly compelling evolution of the genre.”

To join the open beta for Chronicle: RuneScape Legends, download the game from: