“Berry The Pet video” and website live

Oosterbeek, January 20th 2015. Creatielab is Vertigo 6’s sister company. At Vertigo 6 we love thinking out of the box, but for Creatielab there is no box at all! Creatielab invents and comes up with concept that make life more convenient and more fun! Creatielab is working on several concepts and we have recently launched the website on www.creatielab.com. This week we’ve launched a video for out pet burial kit concept. 
Pets are more than just companions — they become family members. And like the death of any relative, losing a pet is painful. Especially for children the emotional impact is overwhelming.  Many feel the need to preserve their pet’s memory in a significant manner. They opt to bury their pets at home to they hold their beloved friend close and so they can decorate and visit the grave as desired. “Berry The Pet” offers a warmhearted burial kit for your pet friend that includes a biodegradable funeral box, a candle, crayons, a heart-shaped cross, a Berry The Pet farewell book that you can read to your children.