Lust for Blood and Live for Death As You Search for Answers to the Forgotten Past

Lyon, FRANCE – April 20th, 2017 – BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe today announces CODE VEIN™ for release on major home consoles in 2018. Feast on the blood of enemies through a journey across a massive interconnected world to unlock its mysterious sanguine past in this grueling action-RPG.

The world has collapsed on itself following the events of a catastrophic geologic anomaly. Massive pillars have erupted from deep within the Earth’s crust turning once thriving cities into tombs of a bygone era. Rising up from the ashes are Revenants, beings who have traded in their memories through supernatural means to keep their humanity through the consumption of blood. They call their home “Vein” and defend it against the Lost, Revenants who have succumbed to bloodlust and have forfeited all sense of their former selves. The residents of Vein have one goal: escape from this living hell.

In this challenging action-RPG, CODE VEIN finds players assuming the role of a Revenant. After stumbling into Vein, players are tasked to embark into the world with a companion picked from the various residents of Vein to uncover lost memories and an exit out of this new demented reality. The world of CODE VEIN is dangerous, full of vicious enemies and monstrous bosses to put players’ combat skills to the test.

Revenants also have access to Blood Veils, devices capable of draining the blood of their enemies in order to enhance their own abilities. Exploiting these enhanced abilities known as Gifts, players can change their form to increase their strength, weaken enemies, and utilize new weapon abilities with overpowered attacks. Utilizing the vast array of weaponry along with each character’s Gift, players can adapt and strategize to a variety of battle conditions that suit their play styles.

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