Age of wonders III: out now! Press event round-up

Arnhem – 1st April 2014. NAMCO BANDAI Games Nordics signed a deal with Triumph Studios recently and NAMCO distributes the long anticipated sequel to stores in Nordics and The Netherlands. To celebrate the launch, Vertigo 6 helped organising a press event in the studios in Delft. Many Scandinavian and Dutch media attended and coverage went broad and deep! TV West did a TV news item on the game and on April 1st 2014, Spits (free daily newspaper) published a spread on AOWIII. The current Metacritic score is 84!

Check out some pictures from the press event here. All pictures: (c) Pim Geerts.

More coverage from the event: (page 8)

“Chanty de GameBabe” talked about Age of Wonders III this morning in the most popular radio show in The Netherlands: Giel Beelen on Radio 3FM! (starting at 82:40 mins)