A Simple Guide To Advertising On Reddit

Reach influential communities made up of millions of people engaging with today’s most relevant content“… isn’t that the mission of every marketeer and the goal in every marketing plan? This is what the Reddit Advertising website promises you on their homepage. Even though most marketeers don’t know or use Reddit, it is the largest, most engaged community platform on the entire internet. It has more users than Twitter, yet for most marketeers Reddit is a big blind spot. Maybe it’s because of the controversial reputation to its ugly interface or to its odd subculture. Reddit is also not a censored walled garden like Facebook or Instagram and it doesn’t have mass cultural impact of Twitter.

The fact that so many advertisers ignore Reddit offers a huge opportunity! Reddit is a wide-open platform for advertisers willing to do Reddit advertising correctly.

Changes that facilitate better advertising on Reddit

There are a few changes that this platform made to make its users and potential users more sufficient especially when advertising. Here are some of them:
– Has an improved advertisement campaign structure that helps in maximising ad performance
– Upgraded user profiles which give brands or people a definitive eon-platform presence to link to.
– Has an expansion of their “Promoted Posts” ad option to its mobile application.
– Has data improvements and conversion tracking that help to better quantify the results of your ads on Reddit.

What is Reddit?

Reddit is a combination of things, it is a discussion, social news aggregation and content sharing platform plus of course the birthplace of many memes. Ahead of Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, it is the sixth most popular website in the US according to Amazon. In 2019, it had about 1.6 billion visits in the month of March alone. Since it serves ideas from all around the world as well as the trending and most popular content, Reddit is the self-proclaimed” front page of the internet”. The amount of Dutch and Belgian users is unknown, but it’s an awful lot! Some sources claim over 375k unique visitors from The Netherlands per day.

Additionally, the communities on this platform are very active and it also provides targeted niches for nearly everyone. Since Reddit markets itself as a discussion and sharing platform for links and ideas, it takes it upon itself to get your content to a large group of people. However, the platform seems to be only sparsely used in advertising campaigns, thus making it one of advertising’s best kept secrets!

How to target your audience while advertising through Reddit

If you are a marketeer who is familiar with PPC (pay per click) marketing, Reddit can offer you many familiar ways of targeting your audience. Unlike Facebook and Google, Reddit does not offer any demographic targeting options. So how to use Reddit to target the right audience? Here are five ways in which you can find the perfect audience using Reddit as an advertising platform.

  1. Interest targeting – This is pretty self-explanatory.  Using Reddit, you can target users who have recently interacted with particular categories of content.
  2. Time of day targeting – People looking to advertise on Reddit can choose which hours of the day they want their ads to run. This means you can schedule your ad to run when you think your target audience is most likely to be online.
  3. Location targeting – The main form of location targeting on Reddit is by country. This means you can only show your ads to individuals in certain countries, states, and cities.
  4. Device targeting – Reddit targets all devices by default. As an advertiser however, you can target either mobile, desktop or both.
  5. Subreddit – These are the forum categories on Reddit that are dedicated to specific categories or topics.

Reddit as an advertising platform works for almost every brand out there. Therefore 2020 is the year to advertise on this platform. For more information on Reddit as an advertising platform, contact us!