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PR = Positive Reality

PR is much more than Press Relations or Public Relations, in our definition PR stands for Positive Reality

We believe that PR has an integrated and substantial role into the overall marketing and communications strategy. PR crafts an organisation’s message(s) to its diverse publics including customers, prospects, investors, employees, suppliers, distributors, media/journalists, social media networks, the government and the public. However (and therefore) PR should never be a goal by itself but it should always contribute to companies’ overall goals and targets.

The most popular definition of PR is “maximising favourable mentions of your company, brands, products or websites in third party media”, indicating that current PR objectives are more outreach and engagement-based rather than involving identifying, listening to and understanding stakeholders. In our definition PR stands for Positive Reality.

Interactive Public Relations have become one of the most powerful mediums in today’s connected world. Through the use of interactive tools – such as search engines, Web 2.0, social bookmarking, new media relations, influencer and social media marketing – interactive PR or online PR allows companies to widely scatter information to a worldwide and vibrant audience effectively, for little cost. Next to these tools we also use more traditional ways to gather free publicity like press events, trade shows, publicity stunts, sponsoring and guerrilla marketing.

Keeping up with technology has never been as important as it is today following the rise of social networks which have rocked the PR industry to its core. Identifying how and to whom to communicate your message is becoming ever more challenging, at Vertigo 6 we know what works through many years of experience and by staying up to date with the latest trends and developments.

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