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Influencer marketing

At Vertigo 6 we believe that influencer strategies should always be aimed at activating influential individuals to advocate your brand in an authentic and effective way.

Influencer marketing allows for you to develop relationships with highly influential bloggers, social network contributors and content creators, who can introduce your brand to their trusted audience. These influencers drive awareness and sales to your brand through a highly engaged and relevant audience.

Vertigo 6 develops strategies to align your products with some of the most relevant and influential publishers reaching consumers across your target audience. We work with the most relevant influencers to ensure the most authentic brand engagement and storytelling to share your product with their audience. As a performance driven agency, we take reach and engagement metrics into account for each of our recommended influencers.

Award winning influencer marketing agency
In 2019 we won the prestigious Digital Communication Award for the best European Influencer Marketing campaign of the year in Berlin for the launch of FIFA19. In 4 days over 450 influencers created more than 800 stories and post during the #FIFA19villa.

Vertigo 6 was also shortlisted for a SAN Accent, Hashtag Award, Cross Media Award and European Excellence Award in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019 for influencer marketing cases. We regularly present at marketing meet-ups and conferences about influencer marketing.

We work as an extension of your marketing and PR team to grow your business through bloggers and influencers by:

  • Creating customised influencer strategies
  • Recruiting relevant & impactful influencers
  • Negotiating deals and maximising output
  • Maintaining and growing influencer relationships
  • Ongoing follow up, promotion communication and brand optimisation
  • Reporting & analysis

Want an influencer strategy for your brand?  Let us know!